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Greenside SpiritsVisual, Merch, Web, Print
Visual identity, web, and promotional materials crafted for Greenside Spirits. Greenside Spirits is an innovative spirits brand dedicated to creating new and exciting spirits using simple ingredients and bold flavors. Greenside Spirits prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and transparency, sourcing organic ingredients to create a unique drinking experience. The brand's aesthetic reflects its modern and fresh approach, incorporating minimalist design elements and vibrant colors to capture the essence of its bold and natural flavors.
Bar & BonbonBrand, Visual, Merch, Web, Print, Animation, Art Direction
A confection curation brand that specializes in handcrafting and hand-selecting sweets, treats, chocolates, and confections for specialty direct-to-consumer boxes. Their brand identity system reflects a fun and inviting personality with vibrant colors and playful typography, conveying joy and indulgence. Personalized details in each box enhance the customer experience, while dynamic packaging designs (in-progress) ensure every box feels like a special discovery. This comprehensive brand identity differentiates Bar & Bonbon in a competitive market and fosters a deeper connection with their audience, who value the meticulous curation, personal care in each box, and Goodness in Every Bite.
Neighborhood w/ Matt Scott BarnesVisual, Merch, Print, Animation
Neighborhood is a music subscription service that features the Americana artist, Michael McArthur. We were tasked with conceptualizing and building a visual identity. We also assisted in creating the initial launch materials to promote the new service.
Ohayo TattooVisual, Merch, Illustration, Print
Visual identity, merch, and collateral created for Ohayo Tattoo (Translation:”Good Morning” おはよう). Ohayo Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing studio located in the Camp Washington Neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s creator, Lavel Matthews, a traditional Japanese tattoo artist, was looking to create an environment not typical to classic tattoo shops. One that played into Japanese forms and iconography that honors and values it’s cultural symbolism. 
Appalachian Punk FestVisual, Merch, Animation, Print
The 2024 identity for Appalachia’s biggest punk event. En route to its location at Wiley’s Last Resort, atop Pine Mountain in Whitesburg, Kentucky, you’ll find a series of flamingos scattered throughout the mountain steering you in the direction of Wiley’s. The flamingo, selected as the event's mascot, reflects both its local relevance and the communal spirit anticipated at Wiley's, where the region’s best punk acts converge.
Harlan County Beer CompanyVisual, Brand, Merch, Website, Illustration, Print 
Brand identity created for Harlan County’s first legal brewery. Set in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Harlan County is a place where there is no shortage of culture. Capturing that through the use of brand, language, illustration, and good old fashioned beer is a daunting task. The brand created for HCBC was designed with the locals in mind first and foremost. This was done through one through highlighting our history and redefining our future. Folks in Harlan County take a lot of pride in where and how they came up. So why not give them a beer they can take pride in too. The outsiders? They’ll catch on.  
Creative Union of Local TradesVisual, Illustration, Copy Writing
Visual identity for the first CULT event in the Cincinnati area. The Creative Union of Local Trades (CULT) is a collective that is deeply committed to the growth of the local creative community within the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. CULT's primary objective is to foster and curate events to enrich the creative talent that thrives within our community. 
SqualorVisual, Brand, Publication, Illustration, Copy Writing 
Squalor is an Appalchian publication used to highlight the creative culture of the region. Redefining a term typically used to re-enforce the negative stereotypes associated with Appalachians, to one that can empower people from creatives to the working class.   
Link NKY w/ BLDG BRANDSVisual, Brand 
Link was created to bring local news back and better than ever. While consumers of news and media have a fixation on national and global new, Link wanted to make local news even more accessible. “Everything Essential for Living in Northern Kentucky” is exactly what it is. Here to keep you informed on your community.